Welcome to the Angel Office ​​

The Angel Office Psychic Spiritual & Holistic Centre is the result of the acclaimed psychic medium and healer John Bride a space of healing and spirit 

Founded in 2017 The Angel Office is located in the heart of Ruabon North Wales 

If you are looking for anything and everything spiritual then the angel office welcomes you. We are certain that we can find the right spiritual service for you for mind body spiritual and soul 

Please browse our website for more information 

Here to guide help & heal 


The Angel Office facilitate weekly training in Meditation Psychic Development and Spiritual meetings as well as our large range of Spiritual Holistic & Healing training courses please see 'Academy' for more information 


From Angelic Reiki to Soul Therapy we offer healing for mind body soul & spirit 

Release restore and repair your self with our amazing healing at the angel office space please see 'Healing' for more 


In need of guidance in life? messages from those in spirit then a private and detailed psychic reading is for you 

From messages to spirit to tarot and psychic guidance please see 'readings' for more 


Restore and rejuvenate your body and spirit with our amazing range of massages, facial work, reflexology and more please see 'therapies' for more